Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final PLN Report

I love my PLN! It has been so helpful not only in EDM310, but in my other classes as well. If I need a resource quickly, I can just pull up my PLN on Symbaloo and go from there. It keeps my resources organized and all grouped together according to what categories I need. I've added a lot to my PLN since I first started working on it. My favorite tile is still Google Scholar because anytime I need to look up a scholarly souce for a paper, assignment or project, I can just click the title, type what I'm searching for and filters out all the junk so I can just search for what I need.
I plan to continue using my PLN during the rest of my education and when I become an educator, I want my students to use one too. I think it will really help them out like it has me.

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