Sunday, April 21, 2013

C4T #4

Quantum Progress

John Burk is a math and physics teacher in Delaware and is the writer of the blog, Quantum Progress. In his most recent post,  A Collaboration Between Dance and Physics , he talks about how a new dance program has been introduced at the school in which he works and how he and the dance teacher collaborated and incorporated dance with science. They had many amazing ideas like,  using a fire extinguisher to propel a student in a cart across the stage or dancing around while blowing up balloons. It sounds like a lot of fun!

My comment:

Mr. Burk,
Hi! My name is Brittney and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama, studying elementary education. I would just like to say I really enjoyed reading your post about incorporating dance and physics. Your ideas with Mr. Avi were incredible and if I were a dance teacher in a high school or a physics teacher, I would definitely use some of these ideas with my students. Thank you for posting!

In a different post by Mr. Burk, he blogs about visiting his friend, Paul Salomon,  who teaches at St. Ann's School in Brooklyn, New York. He talks about how St. Ann's  has an entire 4-12 grade level school in a thirteen story building and many teachers teach in different grade levels, like third, sixth and eleventh grade math. Like the kids, the teacher change classes as well. It's tough to adjust to the different ages and maturity levels, but it takes amazing people to connect with all the different levels they are presented with. 

My comment:

Hi, Mr. Burk!

St. Ann's School sounds absolutely amazing! I can only imagine the challenge of teaching upper elementary, middle and high school at once, but I bet the rewards of facing the challenge are unbelievable. As a future educator, I would love to have an opportunity to teach in a school like St. Ann's. I bet it is a great blessing to be able to work with all grade levels instead of being restricted to one. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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