Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Post #12

For this assignment, we are suppose to create our own assignment and then do it. For the past few weeks, five of my classmates and myself have embarked on a journey together after all being assigned to a special group to help a former EDM310 student, Anthony Capps, form lesson plans involving technology to use in his class to help further the Digital Renaissance in Baldwin County. So far, in our group, we were able to come up with about three weeks worth of lessons, incorporating  technology with core classes like science and history.

My favorite lesson plan we came up with a two week weather unit starting with defining what the students thought weather was defined as and through out the week they learn about different weather types. In the middle of the week, the students were assigned a weather phenomenon, like a hurricane, tsunami, tornadoes and blizzards, and had to video themselves "interviewing" the phenomenon, in which, they would ask the phenomenon what conditions occurred to create them, what they did and what the after effects of the phenomenon were after it was over. They would present their video to the class at the end of the week. The second week, after reviewing, they would learn about how to predict the weather and at the end of the week, they would video themselves performing a mock weather forecast.

Our group is currently working on a history unit lesson plan for Mr.Anthony's class.

I believe every EDM project group should participate in a project like the one my mates and I have been working on because it will give them first hand experience working with technology in the classroom and with students. I'm very thankful that Dr. Strange gave me the option and opportunity to participate in this special project because it has helped me advance in the technological realm within classrooms and see first hand what I would be doing in my future classroom with my students. I believe every EDM student should be involved in a project like the one. It will benefit them greatly. I know, because it did for me!


  1. Hey Brittney! This is a great idea for a blog post. I also think that this would be a good way to show students what they will be facing in their future as educators. However, watch out for run-on sentences and wording.

  2. Hey Brittney, I love the idea that you, and your group came up with. It’s a great way to interacted with all sorts of classrooms, and different types of students. Making lesson plans will be very helpful as future educators, and being able to work in a groups also give you the option to see other ideas. Keep up the great work. Try proof reading or getting someone to proof read for you. It may help correct just the little errors through out.