Monday, February 11, 2013

Project #7 C4K #1

C4K Summary #1:

The first kid's blog I was assigned to read was Ellie J's blog. She blogged about different cultures and how they can effect people's lives in many different ways. She talked about how culture effects work ethic, how we make friends, how we relate to other people and even our accents. She used an example that really hit home with me about tap water. She basically asked how it would effect our work ethic if we had to get up and walk at least a mile with a container to get water for the day verses just walking into the kitchen and turning on the tap water. I also enjoyed that she brought up the thick southern accents that are heard in Alabama verses the accents in New Jersey. She said if she could chose a culture to live in, she would want to live in ancient Greece because she loved their eagerness to learn and explore the world around them along with their enthusiasm for athletics.

I really enjoyed her post and how through and detailed it was. In my comment, I told her if I could go back into time and live in a different culture, I would want to live in the Renaissance Period because I love the fashion, music and emphasis on the arts during that era. I would love to keep up with her blog and see how she progresses.

C4K Summary #2

The second blog I was assigned was by a child named Jirandy, who was asking viewers to create a number problem using the numbers 97 and 56. I have never seen a blog post like that, nor have I ever thought of asking viewers to actively be involved on my blog. It was a brilliant idea to get other students and teachers alike to be interactive with each other.

Here was my comment/problem:
There are 97 students in the 5th grade Christmas play. 56 of them are wearing red. How many students are wearing  color other than red?

C4K Summary #3

The third blog I commented on was a sixth grader, named Juanita, in New Zealand. She told a very short story about how she, her cousin and his friend all went to the park to play rugby on their holiday. It had a really cute picture of them playing rugby in the park on a pretty afternoon.

In my comment, I complimented her on her story and picture. I corrected her on a slight spelling/sentence structure issue and explained how instead of typing the number "3", we would write it out as "three" because it is a small number. I wish she would have elaborated more in her story. What kind of holiday was it? Who won the rugby game? Was it cold or warm that afternoon? I think it would have made the story a lot more exciting.

C4K Summary #4

For the fourth blog, I was assigned the Ellie J. again, and she wrote a post about Satchel Paige as a part of a Black History Month project. She chose to write about Satchel Paige, an African American baseball player who was born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1906. He had always dreamed of playing in the major leagues one day, but never thought his dream out come true because of segregation. He worked his way through all of the black leagues and was eventually picked up by the Cleveland Indians as an extra pitcher and went on to play for the Browns and Athletics.

Like, her first post I read, Ellie was very through and detailed in her writing. I complimented her on her thoroughness and attention to detail. I was also really excited to read her post because it was about two of my favorite topics: Black History Month and baseball. The only thing I could really correct was when she repeated a word in a sentence. Other than that, she did an excellent job.

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