Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project #10

Finding The Right Tools

  I work currently work at a preschool/kindergarten, and I have three children with ADHD in my afternoon class. After reading over this assignment, I started thinking about those three kids and how ADHD can hinder their academic process and growth. I watched friends in high school struggle with it as well. They're smart as a whip, but they can't concentrate and put off work resulting in not-so-good grades. It got me thinking about my future students and how, quite possibly, I will encounter many students with this situation. While doing some research, I found a website called Memory On Demand  which is a website dedicated to academic and cognitive performance of students with ADHD. They created an app called Focus GPS (available at the app store) for iPads and iPhones that helps students get organized, helps them with concentration, time management and memory.

  Two features of the app that are very helpful to the users are the What's Up and What's Done features. What's Up makes a schedule for the user to go by in order of priority. It also allows access to "peer mentors", such as, parents, teachers, tutors, friends, therapists, sports coaches or even older students that have experience with ADHD keep tabs on the student's progress. This way, the student has a support system to help them stay on track and succeed in classes. It also keeps the student focused on the present task instead of being all over the place. The What's Done feature keeps track of the completed assignments and informs mentors of the student's progress. These two features help students with ADHD get a grip on forgetfulness and procrastination.

I think Focus GPS is a fantastic app that will help students with ADHD excel. If I were to come across a student with a documented case of ADHD, it could be arranged that the student is set up on this program and his parents and I would have access to his assignments as he progresses. I would love to use an app like this with students. I think it's an amazing idea!

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