Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project #4 C4T Assignment #1

Post One and Comment Summary:

 Joe Dale delivered a webinar to teachers around the world about the usefulness and effectiveness of iPads in the classroom. He said that the iPad is ideal for classroom use because it has many creative uses, has a built in camera for pictures, videos and pod casts, books can be easily downloaded and it is mobile. He mentioned a few disadvantaged, such as, Adobe flash, word processor and javascript. It was mentioned in a poll taken before the webinar began that not everyone could afford a 1:1 iPad. He stated that there was nothing wrong with using one iPad for multiple children, but they are more effective when a child can talk one home and use it for educational reasons. He also suggested many apps to explore to help from classroom management to being creative. My favorite app (which I downloaded after the webinar) was My Story. It is an app that lets you make your own books by letting you draw or add pictures of yourself. You can type out the text or you can record your voice. I love it!

I completely agreed with Joe Dale on the usefulness and effectiveness of iPads in the classroom. I work at an after-school program in the afternoons and I use mine with my k-4 class and hope to use it in my future classroom.

Post Two and Comment Summary:

Another post by Joe Dale was about how language teachers are using technology in and outside the classroom in enhance their lessons with their students. He discussed the MFL Twitteria and how it has helps language teachers connect from around the world and get ideas, resources and support from each other. It helps encourage teachers how to tweet and use it for more than just social media. They can use it for resources, to get ideas from each other and how to differentiate professional social media from personal media. 

I just thanked Joe Dale on his for writing all that he does in his blog and how it is helping me in my studies now, and how it will help me in my future classroom. By reading and keeping up with his post, I am learning how to not only use technology to my advantage but to my students' advantage as well.

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