Wednesday, March 6, 2013

C4T #2

Assignment 1

 Karl Fisch has been an educator for twenty-three years and has taught secondary math. He is currently Directorof Technology at Arapahoe Highschool in Colorado.

He posted a video on his blog about The Independent Project where a select group of students basically taught themselves for a semester. There were no teachers or test. They worked together as a group to teach the main subjects (math, grammar, science and history) in their own unique ways. Each week, the students got together and brainstormed about what they wanted to learn about that week. One proposes a question and at the end of the week, they must have an answer to their question at the end of the week and be able to explain it to the other students. This allows the students to expand their interests. They also do one collaborative project at the end of the semester. This type of program also helps different variations of students to work together and help each other. The Independent Project comes across as each student being independent, but in reality, they are dependent on each other because the all the students have to work together in order to pass the class.

"Every person wants to learn about something, even the kids who barely go to class. They want to learn something, whether its auto mechanics or the physics of skateboarding or how ice cream is made. Everybody is interested in something and this gives you the space and the freedom to learn whatever you want." - Alex, The Independent Project

"The power of a young mind is pretty impressive. One, they are resilient. Two, they are extremely creative. Three, they are fearless and will try anything." - Mike Powell

I really enjoyed watching the video and researching The Independent Project and I think I would love to use this in the classroom one day. Under the right supervision, I think the students could excel greatly.

 My comment:  
 Hello! My name is Brittney and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. First, I just want to say, WOW! I have never heard of the Independent Project until watching this video and I absolutely love the idea and concept behind it. If I was a secondary education major, I would completely be on board for the Independent Project. I do have a few questions. First, is there a teacher/adult sponsor to supervising the students? Second, how are they graded at the end of the semester? Lastly, how are the students selected for the project?
I'm glad you posted these videos, otherwise, I never would have known about the Independent Project.

Thank you!

Assignment #2

In the second post by Mr. Fisch, he was simply talking about how some of his friends in education have gotten promotions in their careers and while he was very happy for them, his heart was heavy for the students who wouldn't get to experience the teachers who were moving up in the education realm. I agreed that it is sad that these kids wouldn't get the chance to have these awesome teachers, but just because they aren't in the classroom doesn't mean that they won't make an impact on students and other teachers. They will always be educators. 

My comment:

Hi, Mr. Fisch,

I am a EDM310 student in Dr. Strange's class at the University of South Alabama, studying elementary education. I agree with the point you made about how it's sad when amazing teachers are no longer in the classroom working first hand with students, but on the other hand, these teachers who are moving on in their careers will always be educators. They will never stop being educators! It would be nice though if they could have high positions and still stay in the classroom.

- Brittney 

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